Chapter 282


“A full body armour, and a spirit animal with formidable attack power as a mount!”

The light Magus mumbled to himself.

“This must be the inheritance from the ancient Steel Knights!” Beside him, another light Magus sighed in admiration.

“In ancient times, Magi were able to obtain very abundant resources. Even high-grade meditation techniques weren’t anything special, and mere official Magi were able to obtain them as well! Many Magi discarded all prejudices they had towards factions and sects, learning and improving together. They even formed a huge alliance, conquering one world after another! That was the golden era of the Magi!”

He repeated, eyes burning with fervent passion.

“But for some reason, the ancient Magi received some huge blow, and historians made a conjecture that there was a world that was especially strong, and our Magus World’s attack on them was thwarted.”

“In order to prevent the war from spreading to our world, the ancient Magi made the painful decision...

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