Chapter 281


“Shadow Stealth!”

After standing up, Leylin used the spell that had the most outstanding concealing abilities out of all of the the rank 1 dark elemental magic he knew.

With the added bonus from his solidified spiritual force as a rank 2 Magus, Shadow Stealth was now terrifyingly formidable.

Leylin’s figure disappeared from the VIP room in an instant, such that even the rank 2 Magi outside were not able to detect him.

“Alistair actually sided with the dark Magi. With him as the leading cause, this sets the background for the Third Magus War.”

Leylin was unmoved by this, his body like a mirage as he hurried along.

“He’s not my business anyway. I just need to know if he has anything I need in his possession!”

The essence from the Wisdom Tree must have some extraordinary effects for ancient Magi to view it so highly.

Though Leylin possessed a high-grade meditation technique, he wouldn’t mind some extra assurance for when he wanted to break through.


Alistair leapt, his powerful hind legs leaving...

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