Chapter 280

Rank 3

However, it was too late.

With a sly grin on his face, Alistair suddenly transformed.

Muscles bulged, and thick, coarse fur that was characteristic of wolves covered his body. Fangs grew, and there was even fur on his face. Even his ears had turned into those of a wolf!

He threw himself forward, and in that moment, he turned into a werewolf!

*Pak!* Sharp wolf claws twisted in the air, and a rank 2 Magus’ head was smashed into pieces. Red and white brain juices spilled all over the ground.

The large werewolf did not stop and fished out a vial of green liquid from the corpse. His eyes revealed craziness along with his elation, and he was prepared to jump and leave the area.


At this moment, the announcer, who had retreated to the sidelines, suddenly stood forward.

Under white rays of light, the announcer’s body underwent a huge change.

His face became elongated, and a white beard dragged across the ground.

An overwhelming, tremendous, and unparalleled spiritual force descended onto the area.


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