Chapter 279

Lone Wolf

Usually, the extract of the ancient Wisdom Tree would be stored securely in the light Magi headquarters, and there might even be a rank 3 Magus keeping watch over it. It would basically be impossible for Alistair to obtain it.

To lure him out, they had brought the real essence of the ancient tree! That rank 3 Magus had also temporarily left his post.

Magi were not idiots, and Allistair was no exception; before confirming that there was no rank 3 Magus around, he would definitely not appear.

“Alistair’s nickname is Lone Wolf. He’s definitely used to working alone, and has the strength to overpower groups of people. He must have a certain level of confidence and strength!”

To be able to heavily injure two rank 2 Magi in a single move, he himself must be rather difficult to deal with. Leylin was sure about this.

Even within rank 2 Magi, Alistar was definitely above the middle level and might even have reached the peak, and was just a step away from advancing to rank 3!

Once he verified there was no rank 3 Magus here, there was a...

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