Chapter 278


Many rank 1 Magi left the hall on the first floor through the two doors.

Though they did not know much, from the serious atmosphere that emanated through the hall after the announcer’s words, they felt as if they were being pushed down by a mountain.

*Hua la la!*

The masses dispersed quickly and in an instant, only a few rank 1 Magi were left in their original seats.

On the second floor where the VIP rooms were, not one Magus left.

*Boom!* The doors closed, and the solemn atmosphere shot up to the extreme!

“Oh? Is it starting?”

With a smile about his lips, Leylin watched the centre and prepared for a good show.

“Alright! Let’s start with me!”

From a VIP room on Leylin’s far right, there travelled a very robotic voice that was neither male nor female. It had obviously been heavily processed.

“I have one portion of the potion Sea of the Ocean. I wish to exchange it for the hearts of three Fire Scorpions, or the core of a Lava Tyrant! Is anyone willing to make this trade?”

Along with the...

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