Chapter 277

First Glimmer of Dawn

*Ding ling ling!*

Accompanied by ringing sounds, an old Magus suddenly appeared on the high platform.

His golden attire looked extremely formal. Beside him were two female servants, who were more attractive than him, holding silver plates. They displayed something that looked like a root and showed it to the Magi below. Surrounding them were multiple projections of enlarged images.

“The Devil’s Antenna is an object retrieved from the body of a beast that had the strength of an official Magus. It has been well preserved within a liquid, and its worth is from two hundred to five hundred thousand magic crystals. It’s a pity that it’s of no use to me anymore…”

Leylin merely scanned the item that appeared on the platform, and immediately lost interest.

“Before the trade meeting begins, is there a need for this auction? How pointless…”

Though Leylin found it boring, the item on the platform seemed to be extremely attractive to the rank 1 Magi below. The shouts of people haggling could be heard, and the auction was extremely liv...

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