Chapter 276


After having lived in the south coast for so many years, Leylin now had a basic knowledge of the situation there.

Geographically speaking, though the south coast was said to be a coast, it was a huge continent that covered mountain ranges, marshes, plains, snowy areas, and all sorts of topography. There were even a few concealed, savage ruins that even official Magi did not dare explore.

The largest population on this continent consisted of the native people. There were around 100 million of these regular human, and were divided into hundreds of dukedoms in various sizes.

Behind these dukedoms were the dark and light Magi controlling them.

The nobility and lords who were in power were basically the descendants of many official Magi!

Every once in a while, large Magi organisations in the south coast would test the spirit and talent of these noble families and recruit them to become acolytes. They would provide them with knowledge for them to continue governing for generations.

Though these academies would also bring in peasant acolytes, the percentage was very...

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