Chapter 275

Trading Event

The inheritance of the Warlocks had been lost from the south coast for many years, so Leylin did not think that he would be so lucky as to be able to find a remedy so easily.

In addition, he did not want to reveal his trump card!

“I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to rely on the Great Magus Serholm!”

Leylin scratched his chin, walking as he pondered over this.

As a rank 4 Warlock at the Morning Star level, the Great Magus Serholm must have had certain methods to withstand the emotional side effects that ailed them.

The potion of tranquility from before was evidence of that!

Leylin planned to find some vestiges or ruins that had been left behind by him, and hopefully discover something.

Leylin, who had already made up his mind, proceeded to the outer layer of the Brambles Iron Door.

He urgently needed some information or news regarding the Great Magus Serholm. From this, he would be able to find some methods to relieve himself of the side effects of his bloodline.

“Is our guest here planning to leave already?”

Just as Leylin was planning...

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