Chapter 273

Brambles Iron Door

After that, Leylin used a couple of different methods to try to investigate the situation at the other end of the tunnel, but none of them worked.

His spiritual force still wasn’t able to see through space and every detection Magus’ spell was connected directly to spiritual forces so all of his plans didn't work.

After taking one last deep look at the tunnel, Leylin was extremely reluctant as he deactivated the Magus’ formation.

*Ka Cha!*

The magic stone crystal in the groove of the magic formation automatically flew to Leylin’s hand and the various light rays emitted from it became slightly dimmer.

“Hmm? 10% of its power was consumed?” Leylin frowned a little when he felt the loss in power of the magic stone crystal.

It was similar to using one million magic stones in the span of a short moment!

Moreover, Leylin didn’t send any living creature through it and just used his spiritual force to investigate it! Otherwise, the magic stone crystal would have been instantly depleted!

“In this case, I must use something like a puppet or spirit slave that can automatically move by itself so that it can...

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