Chapter 272


Previously, on the peak of the mountain of white bones where the Gargamel was sealed, Leylin had made a map.

He later that found out that this was the main map of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect, and it was essential in his escape from there.

What he now needed to do was to explore the area and make a comparison with the map that he possessed.

Time passed slowly, and the state of the secret plane was presented in front of Leylin.

The secret plane of the Spirit Slaying Sect was largely ruined. Not only had all sorts of mechanisms been completely destroyed, but Leylin could not even find a single complete building.

It seemed that the Gargamel that had been sealed here must have been full of grievances.

That huge mountain of white bones and all the materials in the laboratory were all gone. Even the cabinets full of information were all empty, and it was obvious that the Gargamel had ransacked the area.

The little black snake that Leylin controlled with his mind approached a silver passageway meant to be used as an emergency exit.

The metal...

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