Chapter 271


“Heh! It’s harvesting spirits to recover its strength huh?”

Leylin figured out the purpose behind this Gargamel’s actions.

This Gargamel, which had apparently regressed from the Morning Star Magus rank, would most likely be harvesting a massive amount of human spirits in order to regain its former strength.

As a collective body that was fused from countless vengeful spirits, the Gargamel did not have to increase its spiritual force through meditation like other Magi. What it needed to do was to absorb vengeful spirits. The more afraid and in anguish they were, the faster it could recover its strength!

And after it had collected all the spirits it needed, the Gargamel would regain the power it had once wielded.

For the south coast, this was a calamity!

To regain back its strength, the Gargamel had to absorb the spirits of at least 30 million regular humans. This number was equivalent to one-third of the total population in the south coast; the dark and light Magi would definitely not agree to it.

Moreover, no one could say for sure what the Gargamel would do after regaining its strength!


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