Chapter 270 (Teaser)

Returning To Town

The cold breeze swept past, leaving behind pieces of dried leaves swirling in the air, which danced like butterflies.

The crystal clear stream flowed silently, adding to the tranquility in this area.

A grey squirrel shook its fluffy tail and ascended the tree as fast as lightning, and rapidly gnawed on the acorn it held. From time to time, it would twist its little head to observe its surroundings.

*Ka-Cha!* A dried piece of wood was stepped on and broke. The squirrel was startled as it let go of the acorn it held and climbed even higher in the tree. It looked down in apprehension at the human figure who had broken the peace in the area.

“The last time I’ve been here was less than a year ago, wasn't it? To think that it had actually changed this much…”

Leylin exclaimed as he glanced at his surroundings.

He had returned back to the small town where the Old Devil had brought him on an expedition to the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect.

Only this town had already been reduced to ruins.

A murky green vine crept around the town’s ruins, in which the occasional figures of animals could be seen flitting past. However, there were no signs of human traces...

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