Chapter 269


On the icy counter in the middle, Jenna’s corpse lay silently. On her face, which had mostly been eaten into, all sorts of craziness could be seen, as if the expressions of different people had been mixed together. There was even a trace of relief in her smile, which made it even stranger.

The poison from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent had a vigorous corrosive effect, and the spirits of all the spirits residing in Jenna’s body were being eaten into by the terrifying toxins.

“How pitiful!” After obtaining the high-grade meditation technique, Sacred Flame, Leylin had used the A.I. Chip and simulated the characteristics of this meditation technique.

Gathering generations of ancestors and keeping it in the body of descendants, this high-grade meditation technique was something even dark Magi would find furtive and terrifying!

In addition, Jenna, who was the host body, would become schizophrenic and turn into a pitiful state.

To some extent, after training in Sacred Flame and inheriting the spirits of her ancestors,...

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