Chapter 268


“Now, it’s your turn!”

Leylin turned back, coldly staring at Desmund.


Days later, shocking news spread throughout the south coast.

The dark Magi had attacked the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters once again, and all the Magi there had been completely wiped out. The entrance to the secret plane had been destroyed, and even the rank 2 Magus who had come to provide support had died in battle.

What made this news even more shocking was that in this battle, even the dark Magi who had attacked had not garnered any benefits. Not only had the leader, Cabourn, died, even the elites of the dark Magi had been completely annihilated too.

After the battle, Leylin’s name was spread far and wide.

As someone who had killed off two rank 2 Magi and even destroying the entrance to the secret plane, Leylin was now on the wanted list of both the light and dark Magi.

Any rank 2 Magi held immense power in the south coast, and were highly regarded.

A rank 2 Magi going solo and not bound by any restriction, and who also possessed...

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