Chapter 267

Scorching Touch

The largest issue Leylin had with this was that the poison worked too quickly, and even he himself did not have any methods to save the poisoned ones.

The poison from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent was not simply a neurotoxin. Some ancient sinister thoughts and intentions had been mixed within, which made it difficult to dispel.

The reason that Leylin was not afraid was because after modifying his heart, he was now considered to be partially a Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Naturally, he would not be affected by his own poison, but it would be too difficult for him to save someone else.

Based on his estimations, even a rank 3 Magus would find it nearly impossible to deal with this poison. Perhaps only a rank 4 Morning Star Magus would have a solution to this.

“Looks like I can’t use this ability as I like! It can only act as a trump card.”

Leylin forced a smile.

The area of attack was much too vast, and it did not differentiate friend from foe. If he used this, it would definitely result in the loss of many innocent...

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