Chapter 266


Although Wailing Lance was a rank 2 spell, after going through Hades’ Sacrificial Rites and the crimson light screen defensive spell formation, it had been weakened, and eventually perished under Leylin’s Crimson Palm.

The might of his Crimson Palm caused Cabourn, who was not far away, to turn pale and exclaim, “You’ve advanced to become a rank 2 Magus!”

Only a rank 2 Magus would be able to withstand his magic so easily.


Leylin heaved a huge sigh, feeling the transformation completing in his body. And could not help but mumble, “Such formidable strength really makes one feel intoxicated!”

The A.I. Chip had also shown a few notifications.

[Beep! Detected the burning of large amounts of ownerless spiritual force. Kemoyin’s Pupil in the process of advancing…]

[Host body’s high-grade meditation technique, Kemoyin’s Pupil, has risen to the second level! Driving the advancement in Host’s rank! Host has advanced to become a rank 2 Warlock!]

[Rank 2 innate spells have been generated! Modifying Host body’s sea of consciousnes...

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