Chapter 265

Self-Destruct Runes

“However I don’t want to absorb it, but to use it as a single-use stimulant to level up the meditation technique!”

Leylin chuckled and reached for the crystal in the heart of the flames.


The spiritual force crystal glistened as it turned into a large silvery flame that engulfed Leylin within.

Where the crimson light screen formation was.

The Magi outside would naturally not know what happened in here, but at this moment Leylin destroyed the secret plane’s core body of consciousness!

*Weng!* *Weng!* *Weng!*

The giant metal gate of the Four Seasons Garden headquarters creaked loudly as various runes on it dimmed! Right after, large cracks began to appear on the surface of the gate.

*Ka-Cha!* *Ka-Cha!*

The noise produced from the giant metal gate was akin to that of ice cubes melting, as chunks of the gate began to melt like lava and rolled to the ground.

Under these circumstances, even the two rank 2 Magi inside the tornado stopped fighting and directed their gaze towards this scene.

Finally, with the faces of...

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