Chapter 264

Spiritual Force Crystallisation

*Woo woo……*

Along with the sound of wails, milky-white and dull red rays began to appear and shine all around the battlefield.

These spots of light were very bright, with some of them even illuminating a vague human face. The Magi nearby kept crying out in alarm because what they saw within were the faces of their family and friends!

“Spirits! This is a spell formation that specifically targets the spirits of those who died in battle!”

A Magus not far away immediately yelled, “Where have I seen something that can cover such a large area and not destroy anything before…”

These white and red spots seemed to be attracted by an immense force and shot towards the surface of the crimson light screen at the centre of the spell formation.

*Tss tss!*

The spirits dissolved into the crimson screen the moment they touched it.

The crimson screen did not refuse anything that approached it. Whether it was the spirit of an acolyte or a Magus, whether dark or light Magi, all of these spots of light which represented spirits were absorbed into it.

As the number of spirits that it absorbed...

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