Chapter 263


“Though there were a few issues, everything is mostly going to plan!”

With a smile about his face, he walked towards the sealing spell formation that Cabourn was protecting.

“Leave this place!”

All of a sudden, a familiar voice travelled to his ears.

The instant he heard this voice, ten black figures appeared and surrounded Leylin.

Leylin was very familiar with the leader. It was Giant of the Thousand Meddling Hands! His legs had been regenerated, and the mist about him was denser than ever before.

Beside him, Caesar had been rescued and was full of dust. He looked to be in a sorry state, and stared hatefully at Leylin.

“Leylin, you dare betray us! You dare betray the honour of us dark Magi…”

“Stop!” Leylin was a little speechless as he interrupted Giant’s speech. “Aren’t dark Magi a group of creatures that only look up to benefits? Since when was there anything about honour?”

He glanced at Giant, who looked pale, “If you want to seek revenge, tell me! Don’t bother with the pretense!”

Giant paused, his...

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