Chapter 262

To Inform

It wasn’t as if there was no way to undo the contract with the Trial’s Eye. The last time, Thousand Meddling Hands had given Leylin the solution of the Nefarious Filthbird feathers which had destroyed one side of the contract.

What made Leylin more uneasy was that this liquid had come from the hands of Cabourn, this rank 2 Magus!

Though it was impossible to find another solution of the Nefarious Filthbird feathers, for Magi like them, they did have ways to achieve a similar effect.

After all, the people behind Thousand Meddling Hands was the Dark Magi Alliance, which had at least a rank 3 dark Magus in charge!

If Leylin actually believed in that contract, then he must be a fool!

Caesar in front of him was a very good example! He was a Magus of Four Seasons Garden that was highly regarded. The force of the contract on him must be even stricter, and yet he had been able to betray Four Seasons Garden without the slightest hesitation. He must have used some method to break away from the effect of the co...

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