Chapter 261


“How is it? This is the masterpiece we created together!”

In what had originally been Reynold’s office, Caesar used the formation genie’s observation spell formation to survey the situation in the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden within the secret plane. The sea of blood and flames gave rise to a morbid look of pleasure on his face.

“I don’t feel much! Every living being is born, grows, and dies. Such is the law of nature.”

Leylin answered expressionlessly like a preacher.

The reason why he and Caesar were here was naturally to do something of utmost importance—to move the secret plane’s gate’s core body of consciousness!

This process was extremely troublesome, and getting past the defense of the formation genie and sealing spell formation were trivial matters.

A consciousness core was a very delicate and fragile thing that could be obtained from a body. If there was the slightest attack from the external world, it would instantly die. Previously, Caesar had planned on destroying it and had not...

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