Chapter 260

Another Round

After speaking, Leylin turned to gaze at the bustling market.

Life and death happened all the time, much like the way flowers bloomed and withered away. Everything was being transformed in front of his eyes.

“Nothing in the world can escape the decay of time! This is why I’m so set on seeking eternity, which is something I live by!”

Leylin sighed deeply in his heart.

The rebuilding of this market was not entirely without reason. At the very least, Leylin had gained quite of a bit of experience from managing it. In the future, if he ever needed to take charge of an area where Magi gathered, he knew he could do it much better than before.

Seeing Leylin expression, Caesar snickered inside without showing anything on his face, “Then let us begin as quickly as possible! Someone will move the core body of consciousness today!”

“Alright! Are we finally going to make a move?”

Anticipation flashed in Leylin’s eyes, as they walked side by side as they left.


Caliste wore the robes unique to Magi from Four Seasons Garden, and ambled...

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