Chapter 259


Compared to the regular Magi who did not have high-grade meditation techniques and were unsure of their futures, Leylin knew exactly what he was going to do.

Over a long period of time, regular Magi would need to search for or create a rank 2 spell that was compatible with the spell model they had chosen when they had become a rank 1 Magus and then try to solidify their sea of consciousness within it. This would, of course, all be done after their spiritual force and elemental essence conversion had achieved a certain level.

This was all a matter of luck. Even if one were able to succeed by chance, the two spell models could result in disharmony and wear and tear, having an adverse effect on the power of a rank 2 Magus.

But Leylin was different. He had a high-grade meditation technique! Every time he advanced, he would generate an innate spell that completely suited his body! What he needed to do now was raise the level of his meditation technique, and train till Kemoyin’s Pupil went up to another level. Only then would he be able to be promoted to a rank 2 Warlock!

For Magi who...

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