Chapter 258


“Prepare the centrifuge! Beginning cooperation…”

Leylin shut his eyes, and black threads shot out from between his brows, connecting to the various apparatus in the laboratory.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

The light flickered, and the apparatus in the laboratory were activated. Any instrument that had a measuring function began to show numbers and pointers on gauges moved.

With the threads of spiritual force, Leylin worked on purifying his spiritual force and began the complicated separation process.

Two hours later, Leylin looked at the half-finished product on the table and nodded.

On the surface of the table was a piece of pink flesh.

This had been the fossil of the Thousand Eyed Starfish. Leylin had fully expended the life force within it and had gotten rid of all the olive-coloured eyes.

There was a very troublesome poison held within the eyes of the Thousand Eyed Starfish, and as such, they needed to be removed.

The Thousand Eyed Starfish currently seemed to have returned to its original state, the tender flesh having a gleaming luster, as if it had only just been dug out, and was still covered in a layer of...

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