Chapter 257

Thousand Eyed Starfish

A day later, Leylin met the old woman from the Botelli Family once more.

This time, however, she looked to be pale and in a bad state, as if she had not rested well.

At the sight of Leylin, her eyes seemed to come to life and she spoke in a low voice, “I can give you information regarding the secret high-grade meditation technique that belongs to our family. However, I want to make this clear first. This technique is incomplete, and there are stringent limits and restrictions applied to those who train in it. If you were to forcefully train in it, there are sure to be residual effects.”

“That’s my problem. Just give me the meditation technique, and I’ll give you the solution to releasing the curse. It’s as easy as that!” Leaning against the comfy back of his reclining chair, Leylin’s fingers were crossed as he calmly spoke.

“Fine! But we will first need to make a contract with the presence of the Trial’s Eye!” The old woman straightened her back.

“Of course! I don’t trust you either.” Leylin nodded. “Let’s start…”

A moment later,...

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