Chapter 256


“I guess I should let you know!”

Seeing this old lady acting like this, Leylin suddenly found her quite pitiful and lost the urge to play with her any further.

He waved at the few guards. “You may return first.”

“Yes, my lord!” The guards gave Leylin a deep bow, appearing as if a heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders, and quickly dashed out of the room.

“Wait! What did they call you? My lord? Aren’t you just a regular Magus from the Potioneering Team? Aren’t you also ostracised?”

The old woman spoke agitatedly. She could feel that things were beyond her control as if a stone had lodged deep in her heart.

“It seems like you’ve investigated me quite thoroughly! Unfortunately, I’ve climbed up the ranks a little faster than that…”

Leylin spread his hands, a mischievous grin on his face.

Was he merely fast in climbing to this position? He had practically flown here! First, by killing large numbers of dark Magi, he had obtained the position of the vice team leader of the hunting team. With his battle achievement of killing Marb,...

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