Chapter 255

Contribution Token

Even in Leylin’s previous life, during the process of transplanting organs, there would always be the possibility of the body rejecting the new organ.

It was like this for transplanting between human bodies, and especially so for an exceptionally powerful organ such as the heart of an ancient being that was to be stuck into the body of an ordinary Magus.

Even with the help of magic, Leylin had to spend large amounts of time to increase the compatibility of his body and the heart.

The progress of the remodelling of his heart had slowed considerably.

Now, however, the flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish was actually able to suppress the body’s antibodies and increase the rate at which organs adapted to the host body. How could this not get Leylin excited?

After knowing the uses of the flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish that he now possessed, Leylin left the room in a better mood. Soon after, a message came for him.

“What? Does someone want to see me? And is holding a rank...

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