Chapter 254


After having spoken, Leylin made a show of flinging his robes, with the intention to leave.

“What are you doing?”

“To take care of the mess that was left behind, and arrange for the dark Magi to receive access to the information about our defenses and resources…” Leylin’s figure eventually disappeared into the distance, leaving behind the echo of his voice.

Leylin went straight to his room, opened a secret door and revealed a basement.

“My Lord!” A dwarf in black clothing bowed towards Leylin.

“En!” Leylin nodded, and then pointed at the dwarf! A bright light was sent out from his fingertips and disappeared into the dwarf’s forehead.

The dwarf’s body swelled in an instant; green veins wriggling on his flesh like little snakes.


The dwarf’s body constantly expanded, and actually transformed from a little dwarf to an adult, burly male!

With the change in his body, his black clothes burst and revealed a manly and handsome figure. However, on what had once been a beautiful male body, all sorts of runic brands now covered it all over that formed...

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