Chapter 253


“Goro! It’s you!”

Wade glanced at one of the few surviving members of the Four Seasons Corps, his tone displaying his regret.

That day, he had sustained serious injuries, and practically all of the small team from the Four Seasons Corps had died. All that was left was Goro. As he had fainted because of the explosion, he had narrowly escaped death.

At the sight of Goro, Wade couldn’t help but think back to that scene.

Explosion! Figures! Green mist!

Everything had happened so suddenly that even his secretary who was also his girlfriend, had died in the attack.

“Now, even Goro is probably ridiculing me as well.”

Wade shook his head as he thought, and spoke in a hoarse voice. “What’s the matter?”

“My lord, I’ve brought you your breakfast!”

Goro placed a silver tray on the table, on which were fruit salad, white bread, and steaming hot milk.

“Thank you!” Wade was silent for a while before he spoke.

“My lord, please be careful!” Goro bent his head slightly and quickly left.

Wade did not have...

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