Chapter 252


“When the time comes, these Magi who bribed me before will, unfortunately, be apprehended and accused of helping the enemy… I wonder what expression will be on their faces when that happens?”

Leylin thought to himself as a sly grin appeared on his face.

His feet did not stop moving until he came to a building that was still being rebuilt.

This had once been the merit points exchange centre, and after having experienced the attack from the dark Magi, which Leylin had been the leader of, it was now destroyed to a terrible extent.

Most of the main structure had been destroyed and, what was even more serious, the huge loss of a few resource-based warehouses!

Besides the main warehouse, the greedy Magi also went after a few small-scale branch warehouses. There were some slightly valuable magic crystals, and if they had not already been stolen by the dark Magi, them they had self-destructed under the protection of their spell formations.

In the end, the dark Magi who had grown green with envy had even burnt up the whole area and torched everything!

On the bare surface of the stones...

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