Chapter 251


“Where’s Wade? Why don’t I see him right now?”

Caesar asked carelessly after Leylin had also completed the ceremony, and the metal pillar had automatically retracted into the ground.

“He sustained serious injuries and was also cursed by a very troublesome spell.”

Hearing this, Desmund’s expression darkened.

“It was caused by a dagger soaked in the poison of the Abyssal Spider. I’ve never seen such a cruel match-up… Though he’s already awoken,the poison and curse will eat his flesh and spirit, consuming all the nutrients in his body and turning him into a dried-up corpse.”

“In this situation, I suggest that he return to the Four Seasons Garden headquarters as soon as possible. The high-energy purification pool is there, and the elders may be able to find a solution, but unfortunately…”

Desmund spread his arms.

“After receiving news of his teacher’s death, Wade has been insisting that he stay behind and return only after the investigations end.”

This was troublesome.

It would be the best situation for them if Wade had died or returned to the academy...

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