Chapter 250

Lightning Corp

Leylin reflected briefly.

Currently, in the entire Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, the Four Seasons Garden had received a fatal blow.

Other than Reynold, a great elder, the combat and defense team leaders had all died in battle. The person in charge of the merit points exchange centre had been killed by Leylin, and it was unknown whether Wade, the envoy from the headquarters, was dead or alive.

Leylin was stunned at the discovery that in the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden in the secret plane, there might only be two peak rank 1 Magi here — Caesar and himself.

Under these circumstances, it would be an easy task to exploit his authority in the headquarters.

Though the headquarters in the external world was sure to react quickly, dispatching large numbers of Magi and even rank 2 Magi here to investigate, that would take time!

Caesar and Leylin could use this time to further diminish the power of the Four Seasons Garden and create opportunities for the dark Magi.

By the time the light Magi found out, the battle array of the defence would have been controlled thoroughly...

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