Chapter 249


“Your name is Leylin, and Blood Rogue is your alias, yes? Very good! You actually dared to thwart my plan!”

The dark Magus laughed coldly, and suddenly made his move!

Silver solidified spiritual force controlled the energy particles in the air, turning into a large, colourful tide that was several times larger what Leylin was able to produce. It rushed towards Leylin like a tempest, covering the heavens and the earth.

“So strong! Whether it’s to catalyse or cast a spell using solidified spiritual force, the effects are far greater than that of us rank 1 Magi with our invisible spiritual force!”

Leylin’s expression was grim as his pupils turned amber.

Behind him, large amounts of dark energy particles converged, turning into the terrifying form of a large, black python.

The python was ten metres long, its eyes were the same amber colour as Leylin’s, and the scales on its body emitted rings of black rays while it kept hissing.

*Rumble!* The python slammed into the tide of elemental particles like a huge ocean wave crashing against a reef, producing a monstrous sound...

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