Chapter 248

The Appearance of Rank 2 Magus

“Giant, when you first decided to exploit me to detonate the seal, did you ever imagine that things would turn out like this?”

Leylin slowly walked forward, a strange look in his eyes.

He calmly raised his blood-red right hand, preparing to send out another magical attack!

*Xiu!* At this very moment, a figure separated from Giant’s body, the energy waves from its body indicating that it was also a peak rank 1 Magus! It pounced towards Leylin at a very high speed.

“Eye of Hallucination!” After this command, an apparition of a vertical eye appeared behind this figure.

The apparition let out dusky light with various colours flashing past. Anyone who even chanced a glance at it would be dazzled and feel dizzy.

Two black magic artifacts in the form of daggers appeared in the figure’s hands, moving like a viper as they struck towards Leylin’s vital areas.

This attack was very sudden, and the assailant was a peak rank 1 Magus who specialised in sneak attacks. Even if it was...

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