Chapter 247

Flaming Serpent

Faced with the little boy’s head exploding like a watermelon, the green mist distorted, revealing a heavily muscled figure that was more than 2 meters in height. For a moment, his head was visible, but he covered his head, his eyes bloodshot and glowing red.

“You actually…... You actually killed him……”

Giant roared, as if the little boy was very important to him. Seeing Leylin unceremoniously kill the little boy instead of letting him go, Giant was on the brink of going ballistic.

Tendrils of green mist rushed towards Leylin, looking like a swarm of moths and bees, and appeared to envelop Leylin like a huge cloud.

*Chi Chi!* Green meridians crawled over the muscles of Giant’s body like small snakes. Then his body grew instantly, increasing in height by more than three meters. The hairs on his head stood straight up, facing the sky like small thorns.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Are you afraid?”

Leylin sneered, and immediately, black smoke billowed from his body, rising and dispersing into the ...

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