Chapter 246 (Teaser)

Falling Out

“It’s Blood Rogue from the Thousand Meddling Hands! The S ranked fugitive from Nightless City! Though I have no clue why you’re helping us, I still want to thank you!”

The leader of the Four Seasons Corps bowed, and then slashed his crimson longsword at Leylin.

“I’ve thanked you as I should have. Now, leave the prisoners in your possession behind! In return, I will let you go...”

Seeing the leader acting this righteous, Leylin was slightly confused. “Are you stupid? Do you think I’m so easily bullied?”

He guessed that this leader was rather egoistic, though it might have had to do with Leylin concealing his strength. Most people only knew that Blood Rogue was a semi-converted Magus, and were still unaware that he had advanced to a peak rank 1 Magus.

At times like this, incorrect information could cost lives!

“Well then, I apologise!” The leader spoke unenthusiastically, a huge wave of apparitions of sharp swords appearing from the longsword. Like a waterfall, they charged...

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