Chapter 245

A Blink Of An Eye

This silver dagger was obviously a magic artifact; it even had a menacing, silvery glint on its blade.

Wade’s innate defense spell immediately materialised into an armour of vines to protect him, but he was still pierced through by the silver white dagger.

As much as Wade was not resigned to his fate, he crashed to the ground, dyeing the area in a pool of red.

The brown yellow boards contorted, finally turning into the shape of a black figure.

“You guys had only noticed the changes that I, Thousand Faces, had made, but you forgot that the darkness can turn into a shadow and attach itself to any object…”

Wade was severely injured, and did not have much spiritual force or magic power left, so naturally, the vines that bound Thousand Faces had now slackened.

Thousand Faces massaged his wrist as he smirked.


Suddenly, a flashing arc of red light pierced through his neck, causing blood to spurt out from his throat.

“It’s a pity that you have also underestimated us from the Four Seasons Garden!”

*Pu!* A member of the...

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