Chapter 244


A spectacled female Magus, who seemed like a secretary, and was holding a thick notebook and quill pen, followed behind Wade.

Only at this point did she seem to remember something.

This suggestion obviously gave Wade an idea. He glanced at the members of the team he had brought from the Four Seasons Garden, took a look at Reynold’s office, and eventually rejected the proposal, though he looked as if he was struggling with the idea.

“I can’t do that! The things here are more important! Even if it were Mentor Reynold, he would choose to defend this area as well!”

Wade gazed out of the window. Through the fixed spying channel, he could see that the Four Seasons Garden was already engulfed in a sea of fire, within which countless dark Magi in black robes were plundering as they liked.

“Damn it! The leader of the defense squad died in battle, vice team leader Dolorin is nowhere to be found, and the leaders of the hunting and battle teams are busy. If not, I would be able to assign a few of our Magi to give support there…”

“My lord, don’t worry. Lord Pierre,...

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