Chapter 243


Looking at the self-destruction of the stone counter and the black volume, Leylin’s expression did not contain even a trace of pity.

As far as he was concerned, the biggest reward was already in his hands, so even if he was not able to get the other treasures, he felt no regret.

*Bang! bang!*

Two blue cocoons disintegrated right in front of Leylin’s eyes, exposing the two items that were within them.

Leylin calmly took them both.

The Void White-Eyed Snake’s snakeskin used to make the black leather pouch felt soft to the touch, and continuously spread a warm feeling to Leylin.

The silver designs upon it felt as if they were alive; they continuously moved about on the surface of the leather pouch, emitting a brilliant and dazzling radiance.

”It is worthy of being known as the Void White-Eyed Snake, or as the rumors call it, the darling of the void. A fully grown snake has its own space runes on its body...”

Leylin sighed in admiration, his fingers constantly caressing the surface of the leather pouch.

“What a pity that the Void White-Eyed Snake is not a creature with a bloodline. Otherwise, even though this leather had been solidified by the...

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