Chapter 242

Leather Pouch

After Leylin left, the fog gradually dispersed, leaving behind a greyish-white statue of a Magus.

This statue looked exactly the same as Pierre, with a look of astonishment on his face.

*Pak! Pak!*

Innumerable cracks began to extend across the statue like spider webs.


Immediately after, the stone sculpture broke into little pieces with a loud sound.

Leylin was now a peak rank 1 Magus. With the added bonus from his bloodline, even a regular peak rank 1 Magus was not a match for him when he went all out.

However, he did not have any time to waste on thinking about this. His eyes were already attracted to the items before him.

This warehouse was incredibly small and was only a dozen or so square metres.

On a stone counter, only three items laid there. Though they looked to be unremarkable, they must be something of value for them to be placed here.

Leylin scrutinised the items on the counter.

On the left most was something that looked like a leather pouch. It was completely...

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