Chapter 241

Killing Pierre

Leylin unceremoniously began to search through the large resource warehouse as the smallest and most valuable items all disappearing into his robes.

The rodent who was following him took advantage of Leylin’s high position and managed to obtain quite a few valuable items.

Once he was satisfied with his loot, Leylin returned to the doorway and spoke to the rest of the Magi who were anxiously waiting, “The rest is all yours.”

"Many thanks to Lord Blood Rogue!”

After the Magi present bowed to Leylin, they cheered as they impatiently dashed into the warehouse, plundering as they liked.

“What a pity! If I had some magic artifact that could store items in another space dimension, you wouldn’t be getting anything from here.”

Watching the large storage warehouse get ravaged, a feeling of pity overcame him.

Even if he couldn’t use these things, they could be exchanged for magic crystals and the like.

However, time was short and he could not afford to keep many items on his body, so they were able to benefit from this.


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