Chapter 240

Holy Angel


When facing this large rodent-like dark Magus, Leylin only nodded slightly.

“You’re just in time. There are some areas that require your natural talent. Stay beside me!”

“Yes, my lord!” A glint of glee appeared in the large rodent’s eyes, and it quickly stood at a short distance behind Leylin.

It was very clear that in this large-scale war, even for official Magi, the probability of death was not low.

In order to protect itself, besides trying its hardest to raise its strength, the rodent Magus also had to have strong backers to protect itself. This was a method of survival!

“Who is that?”

The opposing Four Seasons Garden Magi asked in suspicion as they naturally could not recognise Leylin as he was right now.

“It’s Blood Rogue from Thousand Meddling Hands! It’s said that his crimes are insane, and in just the short span of a year, he’s already committed nine major crimes and has been labelled as a notorious criminal on the wanted list!”

Another old light Magi stared hard at Leylin, eyes revealing...

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