Chapter 239

Blood Rogue’s Appearance

“Magus Leylin! In my authority as the vice team leader of the defense squad, you will temporarily be expropriated! Those darned dark Magi bastards are plundering our headquarters and killing our family and friends. I need you! Let us go and resist the enemy!”

Dolorin looked as if he was in a frenzy and was burning with rage. It looked like he was truly loyal to Four Seasons Garden.

As a large light Magi organisation, Four Seasons Garden had a very strong sense of unity.

Hence, even under such circumstances, many official Magi, and even acolytes, were willing to risk their lives and fight.

“My apologies, but I won’t do it!” Leylin unenthusiastically spoke.

“What did you say?” Dolorin became wide-eyed, unwilling to believe what he was hearing.

“I said I won’t! I am now the patrolling inspector at the headquarters! Just my position alone means that I have the same level of authority as that dead team leader of yours. Even he didn’t have the power to command me to do anything, much less you.”

Leylin squinted, causing...

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