Chapter 238


[From the energy emitted by the spell formation, analysis shows that the probability of a body of consciousness residing in the spell formation is 78.9%.]

The A.I. Chip’s conclusion was presented before Leylin.

“A body of consciousness?!” Leylin’s eyes sparkled.

“Can you compare it with the database and find out what sort of body of consciousness it is?”

[Searching… Beep! There is no such information in the database. Comparing with Host body’s existing memories…]

The A.I. Chip operated quickly.

Seconds later, a new conclusion was shown to Leylin: [The body of consciousness emits an aura that comes from the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. Determined to be a special being from the secret plane itself! Compatibility with large platinum gate of entrance to the secret plane: 67%.]

“Platinum gate?” Leylin’s eyes widened, suddenly thinking back to the platinum gate that seemed like an ancient existence, right across from the headquarters. Incomplete spiritual force waves were emitted by the gate!

“From the looks of it, I’m afraid that the platinum door has already evolved to have its own intelligence. However, it was removed...

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