Chapter 237



Just as Reynold was using the illusionary spell to interrogate Leylin, a mighty energy wave fluctuation came from afar.

This fluctuation was so immense that even the buildings had mildly shook.

“What? A sneak attack?” Reynold stood up abruptly.

A layer of white light which seemed to be a communication device shone on his body in an instant.

“What’s happening?” Reynold asked indifferently.

“It’s the dark Magi! We suffered a sneak attack from the dark Magi! The first and second defense lines have already perished. We’re currently at the third line of defense!”

From the communication device, the image of a fair-skinned burly bloke who had donned a military uniform was projected.

This was the leader of the defense team who was specially assigned to defend all of Four Seasons Garden. The expression on his face was wrought with fright and worry. It seemed that the dark Magi had placed him under great pressure!

A simple and tiny issue.

“I will mobilise the fighting...

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