Chapter 236


“Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you!”

Giant tossed a detailed map that had a route marked out in red to Leylin.

“After completing your mission, follow this route, and you’ll definitely be able to leave safely before any other Magi find out. The Lord behind us will divert Reynold’s attention, and we’ll provide support as well.”

Giant spoke calmly, even going out of his way to mention the rank 2 dark Magus supporting Thousand Meddling Hands. It was obvious that he was trying to threaten Leylin.

Leylin was silent for a while. “I will try…”

If it was much too dangerous, he wasn’t going to risk his life for this organisation!

“Alright! You’ll find that this is a very simple and effortless mission!” Giant smiled, “After finishing this, you can rejoin us as a dark Magi! How about it? Which academy or organisation do you want to join? Just tell me.”

Leylin shook his head. He had no such plans yet, and he still did not entirely trust Giant’s words.

If one was not shrewd when dealing with dark...

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