Chapter 235


“These thin threads must represent my contract with the Four Seasons Garden! Now that they’re completely broken, it must mean that I’ve destroyed my contract with the Four Seasons Garden.”

A hint of glee appeared on Leylin’s face.

Having destroyed his side of the contract, he could reap a lot of benefits! Leylin was now no longer under the constraints of the contract and was free to do anything that might harm the Four Seasons Garden, including brazenly killing their members.

As for Reynold, who represented the Four Seasons Garden, and was the one who Leylin had made a contract with, he had to abide by the regulations stated in the contract. Without evidence, he would not be able to do anything against Leylin!

Also, this method of destroying his end of the contract would not alert Reynold. This was one of the special chaotic characteristics of the Nefarious Filthbird.


The Nefarious Filthbird, which was hovering in mid-air, swallowed the Trial’s Eye down its beak! Leylin could even see a round protrusion at the Nefarious...

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