Chapter 234

Using the Solvent

Under the circumstances, each division could do little but pinch their noses in distaste while they did as Leylin wanted. However, his reputation had gone straight to the gutters and had gained him the reputation of ‘least welcomed’ at all divisions.

To be honest, when he had first received news of this, Leylin was a little surprised but found it very amusing.

In the Magus world, strength was to be respected. Reputation wasn’t entirely useless, but it only applied to those within the same ranks of strength.

As long as he continued to improve his strength, after he advanced to become a rank 2 Magus, these people would stick onto him like dogs, wagging their tails and lamenting that they had not let Leylin taking more advantage of them.

“Magus Leylin! Greedy Dragon! Lord Reynold would like to see you tomorrow at 7pm. Please be prepared.”

Caesar expressionlessly announced in front of Leylin and left.

“This is a little earlier than expected. Have I finally angered the heavens?” Leylin laughed without fear.

He did not take his position...

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