Chapter 233


From this inessential role that Reynold had assigned him as the Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector, Leylin could tell that Reynold had designs on him.

Even if it had nothing to do with the suspicion of him being a dark Magi, the fact that he increased his strength so quickly had caused Reynold to be wary of him.

In this situation, no matter how hard he tried to keep himself low-key, it was useless.

Since it was like this, why should he not use that bit of power he possessed and gain some benefits?

After all, before Reynold officially stripped him of his role, his cover as the Patrolling Inspector at the headquarters was still able to intimidate a great number of people. For instance, like this man in front of him, at the merit points exchange centre!

“Are you trying to tarnish my reputation?”

Upon hearing this, the face of the apparition called Pierre darkened, eyes seemingly producing crimson rays.

“No… Not tarnishing it. This is just the usual procedural checks!” Leylin smiled gently.

The instant the words left his mouth, a ring of energy particles exploded...

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