Chapter 232

Headquarters’ Patrolling Inspector

”A very large increase!” Seeing that in his refreshed data, the progress of his strength and spirit and his elemental essence conversion all had a huge change, Leylin wore a pleased expression on his face.

For an official Magus, making any progress was exceedingly difficult; even for a Magus like Leylin who had a high-level meditation technique, they would need to accumulate a lot of time.

But now, after the second transition of his bloodline, his average data had risen to that of a peak rank 1 Magus’.

And after his heart had been remodelled, it was incessantly stimulating the potential of his body towards a higher evolution.

Only in these past few days, his reformation rate had increased by 8% and this had brought about an amplification in his other data — this was absolutely terrifying!

”If it is like this, then maybe I can… ”

Leylin quickly calculated in his mind and after which, his eyes emitted a dangerous beam of light.

This beam was very pure and immeasurable; Leylin’s eyes, which were brimming with this beam, felt as if it could even absorb a person’s...

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